Best multi-player android game

Android games are getting more interesting and gaining more grounds. If you might have play some HD ones, you will understand what I mean. Lots of developers are throwing in bunch of its game with the hope of making you a regular player. Some are crap when it comes to graphics, sound and missions. Others are super good for one to play.
A lot are frustrating when it comes to completing missions or tasks. It usually happens in some of those glossing games that are available on PlayStore. But, one way or the other, they can be played if enough time is put into them.
Today, I am not going to be writing on what android games are, but on the best.
I know you might have gotten an amazing phone and like to download one. I just you get the multiplayer recommendation you will see on this post.

PUBG Mobile Game

Have you heard or watched a review about PUBG? It is an amazing battle ground game that works online.
I saw a Nigerian thread about it and really thought about getting it. It comes in two version, the Lite and full version. The lite version is like 500gig plus download, while the other is over 1gig in file size.
It is a kind of game where you see yourself in a zombie world. You have to play along with other persons online. You all have to kill as many zombies as you can. You must make sure you run or shot down a team member that is beaten by a zombie.
At the end of a mission, is either your team win or the zombie team wins.

I don’t think that is the only mission that can be played there. A guy talked about seasons, which seem much like a level. Although I haven’t play the game before, but based on what people are writing, it is really the best so far.

best android game

The game PUBG is available on android and even on IOS. You can easily get a copy for your device by visiting your device game store. You should not download it from other source apart from your game app store. Why? You may end up downloading the one which may still require you to update before you can play.

Like I said earlier, it is the best multi-player game for android. It is a wonderful first person shooting game too which you don’t have to miss this year. Get it, play and tell me what you think.

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